Entry Fees

Entry Fees


For SOPA membership discount code, please request via email to mail@sopasia.com latest by Friday - February 10th, 2023.

First Time Entrants and Small Media Companies Subsidies

In line with its mission to support editorial excellence, the Google News Initiative will again subsidize certain award entrants — for 2023, the focus is on first-time entrants AND small media companies. Any media outlet with a maximum of 20 full-time staff in total, of which at least 50% are full-time editorial staff, can apply for this subsidy (please see the FAQs for more information). Each media outlet can claim the subsidy for up to two entries, paying only HKD$200 (US$25) for each entry. There's a cap on the subsidy so please apply early. You do not need to be a SOPA member. Once your nomination letters and entries are ready, email us at sopa@hku.hk with the Entries’ unique reference code and we will be in touch! Please DO NOT PAY until you hear from us.


以支持卓越编辑为使命的Google News Initiative,将在2023年资助首次参赛媒体机构和小型媒体机构
任何媒体只要全职员工数量不超过20 名,且其中至少 50% 为全职编辑人员,皆是小型媒体,可以申请此补助(请参阅常见问题了解更多讯息)。
每个首次参赛媒体或者小型媒体最多可申请两个参赛作品的报名补助,而每个参赛作品只需支付港币 200 元(25 美元)。您无需是 SOPA 会员也可申请补助。补助名额有限,欢迎尽早申请。
一旦您的报名信件及参赛作品准备就绪,请发送电子邮件至 sopa@hku.hk,并附上参赛作品的代码,我们将与您联系!另外,在您收到我们的回复之前,请不要进行付款


New Membership Promotion

**For a limited time, we are again offering a 40% discount on the SOPA Membership fee with a 40% discount on up to five award entries (non member pricing).  Promotion ends February 10, 2023.
亚洲出版协会新会员将获得40%会费折扣,并可享受最多五份SOPA奖项报名费40%折扣。优惠截止期2023年2月10日。mail@sopasia.com / https://sopasia.com/membership/


Payment Methods

Entries will only be accepted online and payments will be cleared through PayPal.  Most won't need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal, but it depends on where you're paying from.  The conditions applicable to PayPal accounts differ by country.  We strongly suggest you pay from an existing PayPal account.

Sorry we will not accept bank wire transfers for the Awards entries payment.  A 2.5% credit card Paypal processing fee will be applied to each entry.

Please read the Rules and FAQ before submitting payment.