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Rules & FAQ

SOPA 2023 Awards Rules v1
SOPA 2023 Awards FAQ

SOPA 2023 Awards Rules-Bahasa Indonesia v2
SOPA 2023 Awards FAQ-Bahasa Indonesia

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What’s new in SOPA 2023 Awards?

For the first time in the 25-year history of the Awards, SOPA is seeking submissions in Bahasa Indonesia language for a new award that honors the work demonstrating impact on the Indonesian domestic agenda. In the new category of Excellence in Bahasa Indonesia News Reporting, a publication may submit a maximum of two entries and each entry allows a maximum of three articles.

For 2023, First time AND small media companies can apply for subsidy for their submissions. Each media outlet can claim the subsidy for up to two entries, paying only HKD$200 (US$25) for each entry.

The maximum number of bylines allowed for each submission is limited at 10.

In Excellence in Audio Reporting, each publication now may submit TWO entries. Entries are limited to one single episode OR a series of up to three episodes totalling under THREE hours.

In SOPA Award for Young Journalists: at least THREE out of five articles must be the work of one journalist only, revised from the previous requirement that all five must be the work of one journalist only.

The Excellence in Magazine Design award will now be given out across all three groups. Publications may nominate only ONE entry in this category.

More multimedia content will be allowed in the following categories: In Excellence in Investigative Reporting, Reporting Breaking News, Business Reporting, Technology Reporting, Human Rights Reporting, Reporting on Women’s Issues, Reporting on the Environment, Opinion Writing, Arts and Culture Reporting, Explanatory Reporting and The Scoop Award, each entry may include a maximum of three pieces of work, of which AT LEAST ONE must be a written article.  That means, for example, an entry that has three pieces of work can comprise at least one written article and some other non-written article element, such as a photo, video or graphic (video must be under 15 minutes; audio must be under 35 minutes).